Yoga & Energy

Emily attended her first yoga class in 2000 aged 18, she had become interested in spiritual and creative practices that could offer respite from the day to day stresses of life and stumbled upon an article where Geri Haliwell, former spice girl, was advocating yoga!

Emily found that yoga allowed her a way to access a powerful inner awareness that she had been seeking and she began to get a sense of peace and bliss that had evaded her all through her childhood and teenage years. Since then, Emily has been on the ‘spiritual path’, exploring alternative therapies and methods of spiritual awakening. She qualified as a  yoga teacher in 2009, training with the Internationally renowned Yoga and Pilates Teacher, Elena Voyce PhD. Since then, Emily has completed many workshops and trainings in yoga, including Anusara Immersion and Special Yoga courses for children with autism. Her yoga education has included a special journey to India where she spent time learning at an Ayurvedic hospital and studying laughing yoga. She has taught in schools, Nuffield Gyms, Sweaty Betty Hampstead and for Yoga Magazine via charity Yoga Gives Back, where she served as an ambassador and fundraiser.


Yoni, Indian ink on Paper
Kali, Indian Ink on Paper

Emily continues to expand her experiences of alternative therapies and practices and has experience in EFT, Breathwork, Tre and plant medicines. She regularly practices Vedic Meditation  and is a qualified Reiki practitioner.

Emily’s approach to yoga, energy healing and well-being is down-to-earth and stems from a strong belief that yoga should be non-competitive and inclusive, and that well-being as with creativity is our right as human-beings. She advocates a balanced approach to the spiritual path, one which takes into account yet is not bogged down by day to day life and past experiences.

One-to-ones and Workshops

Emily teaches Hatha yoga and/or a combination of yoga, well-being and healing techniques. She also runs workshops and one-to-one sessions that combine yoga, energy healing and creative awakening activities (artists and non-artists welcome!). Sessions can be tailor-made with your intentions in mind.

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